Collision of Loaded Bulk Carriers - One of the vessels being in critical condition

During March - July 2021, LevMar attended the salvage, disengagement operations and transshipment of cargo in Vatika Bay, as well as monitored the permanent steel repairs in way of vessel’s bow. The permanent repairs were carried out in Perama, via prefabrication method to suit the minimum DD availability offered at the time.

Oil Tanker Loss of Stability during loading

In March 2021, LevMar investigated a case of an oil tanker suddenly developing an angle of loll during loading in Fujairah. It was a challenging case as it involved repeated simulation of vessel’s stability conditions during various loading and discharging rates, until the true circumstances were established.

Large Passenger Cruiser runs aground in heavy weather

In November 2020 Levmar Enginnering attended a large passenger Cruiser which broke her moorings in heavy weather and run aground. Quick actions were taken for refloating and no pollution occurred. The strength of the moorings was investigated with our inhouse developed software.

The last voyage of Ionian Sky

On 21 January 2020, the Greek ferry "Ionian Sky", which had been laid up at Salamis Island since 2013, commenced her last voyage to the scrapyard in Aliaga, Turkey, where she was safely delivered on the 24th. LevMar Engineering carried out the warranty survey, always using our inhouse developed software for power and weather encounter predictions.

Superintendency during ship repairs in China

In April 2019, LevMar Engineering attended in Cosco Shipyard at Dalian where we assisted the Owners in drydocking of two Capesize bulks carriers. The vessels were due for their first special survey, which included overhauling of the electronically controlled main engines, 7S65ME-C8.2, diesel generators, boiler inspection, overhauling of electric motors and pumps, inspection of cargo holds and their relevant hatch covers. During the drydocking, scrubber units, necessary due to the upcoming regulation enforcement, were installed.

Bulk Carrier Stern Tube aft seals Damage

In April 2019, LevMar attended at Neorion Shipyards, in Syros island, to investigate on behalf of the H&M underwriters the cause, nature and extent of the stern tube damage on a vessel which had only been 5 months out of the drydock. The vessel was trimmed by the bow, alongside the yard and repairs were carried out in situ via bonding.

Main Engine Damage in the Dardanelles Strait

During summer of 2018, LevMar attended on board a laden 120K DWT oil tanker, immobilized in the Turkish Straits, for trouble shooting on behalf of her H&M Underwriters and Owners. After consultation with engine makers the vessel was able to continue her voyage to the discharge port and thereafter sailed to a repair shipyard.

Fire on the garage deck of a Passenger Ferry

In November 2018, LevMar investigated the floatation particulars & assessed the stability criteria of a Passenger Ferry, which developed a heavy list during the progress of the firefighting operations, on behalf of the Salvors.

Bulk Carrier Grounding - Steel Repairs

In September 2017, LevMar attended at Chalkis Shipyards to ascertain the nature & extent of the damage repairs effected in way of the vessel’s FP and DB water ballast tanks, as well as estimate the cost of such repairs on behalf of her Salvors.

Association of Average Adjusters - Annual Dinner 2017

The 2017 annual dinner of the Association of Average Adjusters was held in the Lancaster Ballroom at the Savoy Hotel on Thursday 11 May, with 254 members and their guests attending. As customary, LevMar Engineering participated in the highlight of the marine insurance calendar, where Greek presence was very strong!

The last voyage of Panagia Tinou

The Greek ferry "Panagia Tinou", which partially sank in the port of Piraeus on 26 April 2016, left her homeport today for her last voyage to the scrapyard in Aliaga, Turkey. LevMar Engineering carried out the towage warranty survey.

Main Engine Damage due to tortional vibration

An interesting case involving a single acting two stroke crosshead engine on which the torsional vibration damper slipped on the crankshaft after shearing off all coupling bolts.

Athenian WarShip returns home

As part of the celebration of Saint Nicholas, patron of sailor and ships, trireme Olympias returned to the port of Piraeus, remaining open to the public. (Photo from LevMar's balcony!)

LevMar Engineering October 2016 Cocktail Reception

LevMar Engineering 2nd cocktail reception was successfully held on 20 October 2016 in our office premises. The event was well attended by friends representing all sectors of Maritime Industry. Again, this time the weather was kind to us and those who stayed late enjoyed a perfect early automn evening.

Posidonia Running Event 4 June 2016

On Saturday 4 June 2016 the 1st Posidonia Running event was completed with great success. LevMar Engineering joined the 5 km race, held in the streets of Piraeus, for a good cause. Proceeds of the race were donated to the Municipality of Piraeus and the Public Benefit Municipal Corporation of Piraeus.

Association of Average Adjusters

Alexandros has now satisfied the examiners in both of the Associateship modules and thus become an Associate Member of the Association of Average Adjusters. The 2015 annual dinner of the Association of Average Adjusters was held in the Lancaster Ballroom at the Savoy Hotel on Thursday 14 May, with 284 members and their guests attending.

Ro-Ro breaking of Mooring Lines - Damage of the quay & nearby yachts

During autumn 2014, LevMar attended in a Greek port, where we surveyed the nature & extent of damage sustained by several yachts, monitored their repairs, attended relevant negotiations and refloating operations, as well as investigated the incident circumstances on behalf of the Ro-Ro Owners and their P&I Club.


LevMar Engineering 1st cocktail reception

LevMar Engineering 1st cocktail reception was successfully held in October 2014 in our office premises. Numerous friends from Piraeus as well as abroad joined us, enjoying the weather and the stunning view of the port that our balcony offers.

New certification and service

Alexandros has been certified as a qualified operator for ultrasonic hatch cover tightness testing with the Class Type Approved Sherlog Master. LevMar Engineering has acquired a new Class Type Approved Sherlog SDT 200 equipment and can now perform hatch cover tightness inspections.

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